eBay is STILL expanding!

Many people may still think of eBay as a site were you can sell all the vintage or used stuff that has been gathering dust in your attic.  Not anymore!  eBay is now the best platform for retailers who want to sell online.  “In 2012, eBay enabled about $175 billion in commerce volume, thus commanding a 19% share in [the] global e-commerce market…”

As eBay’s growth continues, it’s focus moves away from auction-style listings and towards fixed-price listings, encouraging existing brick and mortar retailers to expand onto the eBay platform.  “During the recent quarter, fixed price listings accounted for 68% of global gross merchandise volume,” says Forbes.com.

With helping seller’s increase the conversion of listed items to sold items being a primary and key focus of eBay in the near future, it may seem like now is the time start putting some of that slow moving stock for sale online.  MTI Commerce’s multi-platform retail management system, Brick ‘N Click, is designed to help any retailer easily and effortlessly!

To read more about eBay’s continued expansion, click here: http://www.forbes.com/sites/greatspeculations/2013/06/03/can-ebay-continue-its-amazing-growth/

To read more about MTI Commerce’s Brick ‘N Click software, click here: http://www.mticommerce.com/products/bricknclick/