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MTI Commerce has been at the forefront of eBay Applications development for the use of eBay sellers since 2006.  We have developed several applications to assist the eBay seller, large or small. Our apps range from basic inventory management, to customer relations management, to a full featured eBay business management solution, scaling all the way up to full and complete multi-platform integration with our point-of-sale software, Brick ‘n Click.

Simple Inventory for eBay

Simple CRM for eBay

Back Office Live for eBay

Brick ‘n Click
Simple Inventory for eBay (SI) is a basic inventory management tool useful to any eBay seller. On top of being able to see the total cost and retail value of your eBay items, it allows for inventory, hot selling, and slow moving reports. Simple CRM for eBay (CRM) is a basic customer relationship management tool useful for any eBay seller. It captures and stores all your buyers information, such as name, address, telephone number, and email address and organizes them in a convenient PDF report. It also keeps track of your buyer’s detailed purchase history, including year-to-date purchases, also available as a report. Back Office Live for eBay (BOL) is our premiere eBay application. It combines our SI and CRM applications with more robust features, and also includes: Essential and Powerful Cost Analysis(item cost, listing fees, final value fees, Paypal fees(when available from eBay), and actual profit on each item listed), Purchase Advisory, Inventory and financial Reporting, Email marketing, Data Warehousing for 13-months of sales history and more! Brick ‘n Click is the ultimate solution for brick and mortar retail stores selling online, or online retailers selling across multiple platforms, wishing to integrate inventory, customer, and sales information into one place!
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Simple Inventory for eBay Tutorial Video Simple CRM for eBay Tutorial Video BOL Tutorial Video 1 | BOL Tutorial Video 2 | BOL Tutorial Video 3 Demo and tutorial videos coming soon!

Note: For our free eBay applications, users can only have a subscription to one free app to avoid conflicts in the system.