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Whether you are an online seller who is interested in managing sales and inventory on eBay, Amazon, ProStores or you are a brick and mortar retailer who would like to expand his market and take advantage of online channels, Brick ‘n Click will help.

Brick ‘n Click is a fully integrated end-to-end retail/wholesale management system which offers integration of your current sales operations with up to four new sales channels. Sell on eBay auction, eBay Stores, Web Store, Amazon, ProStores and your own retail store, all the while maintaining a single database for sales and inventory reconciliation.

In this new era of retail, increased customer demands in the marketplace and the need to increase profitability have changed the way retailers are doing business. It is increasingly more difficult for retailers to compete with the super large, multi-store chains and discounters. However, thanks to the new technology tools available today, MTI is leveling the playing fields and the picture gets better and better for small to medium sized Retailers.

Imagine the ability to sell on eBay Auction, eBay Store, Amazon and your retail store all at one time while maintaining a single inventory/CRM/sales reconciliation on your desktop PC.
Imagine having four additional profit centers other than your own retail business!
Imagine having top level Technical and Customer Service at your fingertips.
Imagine letting your online business run itself and do the work for you!
Imagine placing your slow movers or your entire stock on an eBay® auction.
Imagine the revenue streams available to YOU!
Imagine the possibilities of Brick ‘n Click!


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Brick ‘n Click is built on Platinum Retail and includes every essential POS and back office function necessary.

Inventory Control Your biggest asset is your inventory. Each day that it doesn’t sell, it also becomes your biggest liability.

Point-of-Sale Functions
Your cash register or sales terminal operates as a complete central pricing unit to perform the daily tasks of making sales, taking returns, and journalizing in detail all transactions made by your cashiers. You can easily obtain summaries for all multi-channel sales cost and profitability.

Purchasing Management
Wandering the stockroom looking for out-of-stock or short supply merchandise is a waste of your valuable time. Let Brick ‘n Click take the guesswork out of purchasing by automatically generating a recommended order report based on your actual sales and business trends.
You no longer need to rely on your suppliers to tell you what you need. Your entire purchasing and receiving department is in one box, with Brick `n Click™.

Kit Merchandising

Kit Merchandising is a very popular method that retailers use to merchandise multiple component “package of goods”. Once the Kit is sold, system reduces the inventory of all components.

Electronic Payment Processing

Electronic payment processing further streamlines the in-store and on line checkout process . All transactions are processed online. MTI systems are compatible with all major credit/debit cards such as Master Card, Visa, American Express, Discover, etc…

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
The ability to tailor sales to individuals is one of the largest secrets of the retail giants. Your customers want to know about upcoming special deals, and customers appreciate feeling as if they are known by the places they shop at as well. With Brick ‘n Click™, you can easily keep track of your customer’s purchase history and shopping habits.

Manager Control

Being a business owner means being constantly on the move. However, keeping in touch with your store, your employees, your customers, and your inventory is paramount to sustaining growth. You want to analyze trends and keep a close eye on profits.

RF Integration Option 

Being able to do multiple tasks in multiple areas of your store at the same time can be key to a smooth operation. Brick `n Click™ will allow you to do just that by offering RF (radio frequency) integration.

Essential and Powerful Cost Analysis

Brick ‘n Click provide the true cost of selling an item on-line. This feature will help you save significant time and money and give you knowledge of your exact profit picture.

Email Marketing Brick ‘n Click’s email marketing helps you tailor your marketing efforts to the specific interests of each customer. You have the ability to customize your campaign to your top producing customers, to customers who purchased a specific brand or to customers within specific demographics or psychographics. This Function requires a gmail Business account subscription, $50 per year from Google.

Data Warehousing

Brick ‘n Click saves your sales information for 13 months and allows you to manipulate your historical data and spot trends in item movement and your customer’s purchasing habits.

Powerful inventory and financial reporting

Brick ‘n Click provides intuitive and powerful financial and managerial reporting to help you adjust to market conditions and be profitable.




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