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Enterprise-level extension to MTI Platinum Series products

Retail Enterprise
MTI Retail Enterprise™ is an enterprise-level extension to our MTI Platinum series products. Retail Enterprise™ can grow with you — with an unlimited number of storefronts, with up to 999 POS stations or workstations in each store.

Retail Enterprise™ is an end-to-end online solution for any size chain store. “End-to-end” means that all aspects of operating a retail establishment are covered: from inventory control, purchasing management, point of sale transactions including flexible store coupons and a variety of transaction options; customer management including customer history and frequent buyer programs; To flexible store coupons, complete MIS functions including security control and more. Options include complete RF (radio frequency wireless terminal) integration, electronic credit/debit card, and multiple inventories.

Retail Enterprise™ is available in both English and Spanish environments to suit your multilingual needs.

Unite your employees, customers, and suppliers into one smooth network in the most challenging of retail environments. Grow profit store-by-store, region-by-region, and integrate online commerce with brick-and-mortar stores to improve profit chain-wide. Empower people to benefit from these new and exciting technologies by taking advantage of MTI’s ability to help retailers utilize decision support, data warehousing, and other retail specific applications.

Affect total business automation within individual stores as well as throughout the chain. By integrating Retail Enterprise™ into your business, you have all the tools necessary for effective customer management that turns shoppers into customers, and customers into loyal advocates. Sell customers more of what they want to buy and less of what they don’t by tracking purchases with powerful inventory reports that analyze what is selling and what is not.

Warehousing today is more than moving physical inventory: now, it is moving digital inventory. The better a warehousing solution integrates with the entire retail supply chain, the more profitable the organization. After all, it’s about getting products to customers at the right time, right place and the right price. In addition to all of the standard features and reports of Retail Enterprise™, the MTI Wholesale™ package allows for invoicing of sales, credit memos and extensive reporting. Included are complete invoice and payment history registers.

The Internet 
The Web is a powerful extension to the conventional retail chain. However, it is best to identify from all perspectives how an organization can maximize profitability through the use of a retail-specific solution. Retail Enterprise™ Web can be fully integrated to give the retailers the ultimate flexibility. The integration can be into any part of the retail value chain, whether it be stores, warehouses, headquarters, or direct-to-consumer sales.

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