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Effect total business automation within individual stores as well as throughout the chain. By integrating Retail Enterprise™ into your business, you have all the tools necessary for effective customer management that turns shoppers into customers, and customers into loyal advocates.

Sell customers more of what they want to buy and less of what they don’t by tracking purchases with powerful inventory reports that analyze what is selling and what is not.  Create purchase orders for each vendor to efficiently supply all stores with the right levels of merchandise.  Maximize customer service, increase inventory turn over, and increase net profit with the power of Retail Enterprise™.

  • End-to-end Solution for Your Store: Manage all aspects of store operation, from inventory and purchasing to accounts receivable, to sales, and even to employee management and time clock functions. Give your stores the ability to be in touch with the entire organization in an instant.
  • Online Inventory Control: Your biggest asset is your current inventory. Each day that an item does not sell, it also becomes your biggest liability. Knowing what’s moving off the shelves and what’s not can make or break your business. Relying on instinct alone is no longer a viable business strategy. You need up-to-the-minute, accurate inventory information to get rid of dead stock. Retail Enterprise™ adjusts in real-time system your current stock levels as the are made. You can ask for stock information at any time from anywhere. This will reduce the number of Physical Inventories you take each year and provide you an accurate count of items on hand.
  • Online Point of Sale: Your Point-of-Sale terminal operates as a complete central pricing unit to perform the daily tasks of making sales, taking returns, and journalizing in detail all transactions made by your cashiers. Retail Enterprise™ efficiently handles the task of ensuring pricing at the register is correct for you. Take back control of your profitability and improve profit margins with the power of accurate price lookups. Take advantage of integrated check authorization and credit/debit card processing.
  • Online Purchasing Management: Wandering around for hours trying to identify items that need to be reordered is a waste of valuable time. Make purchases based on actual sales history and business trends. Eliminate over- and under-buying and take advantage of special pricing and vendor discounts. Access purchasing reports anytime, anywhere and keep control of your business. You need no longer to rely on your suppliers to tell you what you need.
  • Online Customer Management: Use Retail Enterprise™ to track customer information that is valuable to the operation of your business. Keep detailed information on each customer including purchases, billing and shipping addresses, discount percentages and house accounts. Customer purchase histories can be used for marketing and advertising purposes.
  • Online Management Information System (MIS) Functions:Retail Enterprise™ provides crucial MIS information necessary to the profitable operation of your retail enterprise. Generate complete summaries of store operations at the end of the day, including detailed cash drawer reports for cash management and bank deposits, sales summaries for all items sold on that day, even salesperson profitability reports and hourly volume reports for personnel management. Secure your store operations by utilizing password protection for each employee and multiple levels of security for all areas of the computer system. Set limits on employee price discretion at the register. Ensure that the only people who should be using various aspects of Retail Enterprise™ are the ones that you permit to do so.
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