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Warehousing today is more than moving physical inventory.  Now, it is moving digital inventory. The better a warehousing solution integrates with the entire retail supply chain, the more profitable the organization.

After all, it’s about getting products to customers at the right time, right place and the right price. In addition to all of the standard features and reports of Retail Enterprise™, the MTI Wholesale™ package allows for invoicing of sales, credit memos and extensive reporting. Included are complete invoice and payment history registers.

  • End-to-end Solution for Your Warehouse: Manage all aspects of warehouse operation, from inventory control and purchasing to accounts receivable, to invoice sales, and even to employee management and time clock functions. Give your warehouse the ability to be in touch with the entire organization, and your products to be available to your entire retail enterprise, in moments.
  • Online Inventory Control: Know at all times what’s in your warehouse. As goods are received and sold, your stock levels are adjusted instantly. Transfer functions allow for complete accountability for organizations that transfer between stores and warehouses. Transfer functions allow you to transfer between stores, receive a store transfer, edit today’s transfers and view store transfers. The transfer report allows for detailed reporting on transfers arranged by stores and by date.
  • Online Invoicing for Wholesale and Distribution: Warehouse sales are easily executed and tracked with powerful invoice sales functions included with Retail Enterprise™. Get your products to your customers and your stores on time.
  • Online Purchasing Management:The Retail Enterprise™ software automatically creates purchase orders for those goods that drop below established reorder points. Make purchases based on actual sales history and business trends. Eliminate over- and under-buying and take advantage of special pricing and vendor discounts.
  • Online Customer Management: Use Retail Enterprise™ to track customer information that is valuable to the operation of your business. Keep detailed information on each customer including purchases, billing and shipping addresses, discount percentages and house accounts
  • Online MIS Functions: Generate complete summaries of warehouse operations at the end of the day, including detailed sales summaries for all items sold on that day, and even salesperson profitability reports and hourly volume reports for personnel management. Secure your warehouse operations by utilizing password protection for each employee and multiple levels of security for all areas of the computer system. Set limits on employee price discretion. Ensure that the only people who should be using various aspects of Retail Enterprise™ are the ones that you permit to do so.

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